Block Vault

The crypto currency backup solution that you can trust.

Safely, securely, and durably store the backup seed phrases you have to recover your Trezor, Ledger Nano, KeepKey, Bread, Jaxx, Exodus or any other BIP 39 compliant wallet or hardware device.

What is Block Vault?

The safest and smartest way to store the seed phrase backup keys for your crypto currency wallets.

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Secure your backup by spreading it across multiple physical locations.


Any 2 of the 3 backup keys Block Vault generates can restore your original seed phrase.


Every backup key appears to be valid, solving the "$5 Wrench" attack.

Easy To Use

Instantly backup or restore your crypto currency wallet backup phrases.

Features & Details

Built for security, designed for durability.


Disasters or simple loss concerns go away as you securely store your backup phrase in secure parts in multiple locations.


No longer is theft of your mnemonic as simple as compromising a single location.


All 3 backup keys generated are valid backup seed phrases themselves, fooling would be thieves.

Compatible With Every Crypto Wallet

Block Vault supports any length seed phrase: 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words long.

Multi Language

Every backup phrase language word list is natively supported.


All of your backup keys are generated on your device, and wiped away as soon as you tap Clear Data.

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Keep your crypto currency wallet safe and secure! Download Block Vault today.

Or read the details of how Block Vault works.


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